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RAINBOW VISTA - Repeat Pattern File - Non-exclusive

$20.00 AUD

This colourful print is a seamless repeatable surface pattern available for non-exclusive licensing.  

File type: TIFF, JPEG

Size: TIFF - 5.4MB , JPEG 1.4MB

Dimensions: 32x32cm

Resolution: 300ppi

RGB Colour mode

No time limit or product limit on use of design. 


This is an original design by Gabriella Domin available to use under a non-exclusive license, allowing multiple buyers to purchase and use this design. There are no product limitations on the use of this design, however this design is not to be on-sold or altered in anyway (excluding scale) and copyright remains under Gabriella Domin Art & Design.  If any other changes are required (colourways, file type), please contact me directly. 

Please read the Licensing Terms and Conditions and determine that this design is right for you. By purchasing this design you agree to the licensing terms,  and will receive  a zip file with both TIFF and JPEG digital files within 48 hours.  The personal download link for this file will automatically expire 60 days after purchase. 

Copyright © All rights reserved.
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