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BOTANICA Painted Terracotta pot

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Terracotta pot handpainted in a brightly coloured design by Gabriella Domin. 

The pot is painted with acrylic paints all around the outside and the top 5cm of the inside rim. It also has had a matte varnish sealer applied to protect the painted design.

The pot is 23.5cm high and 24.5cm in diameter at the top (opening at top is 22cm in diameter), and weighs 4.5kg. 

A plastic self-watering pot is also included in which plants and soil can be placed in, rather than being planted directly into the terracotta pot. This plastic pot can be taken out of the terrracotta pot for watering, which will preserve the painted design. Although it is sealed, it is also recommended to have the pot indoors or away from the elements to preserve the painted design.

Please note these pots have very minor surface imperfections, bumps and tiny holes in places which are normal with these type of terracotta pots. They are fragile and require careful handling.

These pots are currently only being shipped within Australia. They are fragile items and will be packaged with plenty of recycled bubble wrap, newspaper and material to help keep them safe on their journey to you. 

*** FREE DELIVERY in Port Macquarie  - send me an email here  if you're local to Port Macquarie and i'll remove the shipping cost for you! (or if you want to grab this pot straight away,  I can refund the shipping fee after purchase)

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